Katy + Kris: A sunset proposal in Lafayette Square


Jul 4, 2023

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Kris had contacted me earlier in the day. It was thundering and the sky was threatening. Should we move up the proposal?

I checked the weather, and we made the call to keep the time at sunset.

As I waited for them to arrive, I warned each group of tourists who wandered into the square, lingering at the fountain, taking photos, tossing pennies. I explained what would be happening, and they all agreed to quickly move when they approached.

As they were arriving, a woman was sitting at the fountain. I asked if she would mind moving for a moment. She looked at me blankly and slowly shook her head. I realized she didn’t speak English. I held up my camera and nodded toward the couple. She understood and moved just in time.

It was a perfect moment! Katy was genuinely surprised; And Kris gave her the most GORGEOUS ring! After the proposal, we walked over to Madison Square and finished the shoot as the sun was setting. One of the prettiest proposal ever!

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