Carson + Ryan: Gorgeous wedding on the coast


Jun 26, 2023

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Carson and Ryan met as students at Georgia Southern, where Ryan was on the fishing team. She was asked to take a photo of the team, and when she walked up Ryan was holding a puppy, which drew Carson right to him.

And guess what? That sweet pup made an appearance at their wedding. (He’s the guy with the big smile and his tongue hanging out. And Carson’s sweet Winnie was also on hand!)

Carson’s dad is my husband’s cousin, so that makes us … I don’t know, but I absolutely ADORE her. She has the most electric smile, literally lighting up every room she’s in. And Ryan is her perfect match. He was tearing up a bit as he waited to see Carson for their first look.

They married on the coast, huge oak trees shading the outdoor ceremony and reception. It’s been a rainy spring, but the day dawned bright and sunny. After the ceremony, dinner was served and friends and family gave the most heartfelt toasts. SO many tears and so much laughter!

And then the party started. A fabulous band played and the dancing spilling off the dance floor onto the surrounding lawn. When it was finally time to say goodbye, the wedding party and family and friends jumped in the pool, the final bit of fun to cap off a truly amazing day!

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