Carson + Ryan: Tybee Island Engagement

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Dec 5, 2022

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Carson is the daughter of my husband’s cousin. So I don’t know what that makes us, but I call her my niece. And my favorite. Now I have a lot of favorites, but Carson is on the favorites of the favorites list. Honey, this girl is sunshine on a cloudy day.

Which is exactly what we needed on this FREEZING day at the beach. I mean “freezing” like people from south Georgia mean freezing. Honey, it was below 80, well below, and girls from south Georgia know about a little thing called “hand / pocket warmers.” I think mostly hunters and farmers and outdoorsy people know about such, and she tucked some inside that cute little dress and honey, she was fine!

And I learned a good tip for winter wedding days!

Ryan kept Carson warm and laughing, as we took photos on the very south tip of Tybee Island, one of my favorite places at the very end of the earth. On this night, it was nearly empty, the summer tourists gone and only a few locals out for sunset stroll.

At the end of the night, these two gave me a GORGEOUS bouquet of flowers … and honey, a CAKE. A whole delicious cake that Carson had made for us. SO good. And if you see a little extra padding on my this winter, I swear it’s the pocket warmers. And maybe a bit of that cake, too.

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