Victoria + Greg: Bright, beautiful Perry Lane wedding


Dec 9, 2022

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It was a warm winter day, the sun bright in Chippewa Square as Greg waited for Victoria to arrive for their first look. He was a tad nervous, as one should be on your wedding day.

All the nerves melted as he turned and a smile broke over his face. Victoria wore a classic gown with a long veil, which magically caught the light as they walked through the square, passersby congratulating them.

Victoria’s mother walked her daughter down the aisle. On her bouquet, Victoria had pinned a small framed photo of her father, who passed away. When the officiant asked who gave Victoria to be married to Greg, her uncles – all lined up in a row – said they and her mother.

They married on the rooftop of The Perry Lane Hotel, the sun shining bright, an artist capturing the moment on canvas.

After the wedding, the guests moved across the lane to the other rooftop for cocktail hour and then into the gorgeous ballroom for the reception.

And honey. Can we talk about the party? The DJ not only spun the tunes, he also grabbed his electronic violin and played along, and I mean, played along to EVERY genre of music. I was honestly starstruck by his amazing talent.

And right as I was writing this, Victoria’s mom Vanessa called just to say thank you to me. How thoughtful. I always feel so very honored to be with a family on a wedding day, and I felt especially so with Victoria and Greg.

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