Claire + John: A night at the fair


Nov 10, 2022

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When Claire and John suggested meeting at the fair for their engagement session, I knew it would be fun!

I got there early and hopped in line, a bit worried because the sun was setting just 30 minutes after gates opened. Claire and John arrived soon after, and we rushed in darting from games, to cotton candy, to … the ferris wheel.

Did I mention that I’m scared of heights? Honey, I’m six-foot tall, and I get a little scared every time I stand up. However, I thought, oh, I’ll be fine. I’ll be distracted by taking photos. And honey, I’ve been distracted my entire life, but as soon as that wheel started turning, I was FOCUSED, very focused on the fact that I was about to die.

But alas, we lived and we ate funnel cake and Claire did a quick change into some glam when the sun went down. And Claire’s sister Lauren and niece Ruby were along to help, and I’ve informed Claire that I take home one cute baby from every wedding, so I’m expecting Ruby to be packed and ready to go home with me next year right after the “I dos”. (See if you can spot her in one of the photos below.)

And it was a perfect night!

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