Bri + Teddy: Beautiful waterfront wedding


Nov 9, 2022

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Bri and Teddy met at The University of Toledo.

“My first impression was that his one dimple was the cutest thing ever,” Bri said. “My other impression was that he was so different than most of the other frat guys and I just wanted to know more about him. His energy is unmatched and still is almost 4 years later. I also love/loved that he doesn’t care about what anyone else thinks of him. I admire that! 

It didn’t take long for Teddy to fall in love with Bri.

“I was determined that I would end up marrying her pretty early in the relationship (so long as she would agree). It was just something about our relationship that made me want to focus on my future and I couldn’t imagine it without her,” Teddy said.

The day the engagement ring Teddy had purchased arrived, Bri was flying home from a trip.

“I had the ring, a bottle of Champagne and a bouquet of flowers,” Teddy said. “I set them up on our living room right when she walked into the apartment. At first, she thought it was just a nice welcome home gift, but when she turned around I was down on one knee and asking her to marry me. She something along the lines of ‘are you serious?!’ followed by ‘of course!'”

The ring is a diamond solitaire on a simple diamond band. “It’s classic, timeless, perfect, and exactly what I pictured since I was 18,” Bri said.

Bri said she loves Teddy’s intelligence. “He will definitely be the one helping our future kids with their homework,” she joked. “I also love how Teddy is so personable. He can find something to talk about with anybody. I love how patient he is. I am always going a mile a minute and he is the calmness I have always needed.”

Teddy said Bri is one of the best people to have in your life whether your her friend or fiance.

“She makes me a better person and has a great deal of empathy,” he said. “She is adventurous and keeps me on my toes.”

The two said they are the very definition of opposites attract.

“I am ALL feelings and he is a numbers and facts guy. (I am a social worker and he’s an accountant LOL),” Bri explained. “Teddy’s favorite place to visit is Asia and mine is Europe. Teddy loves fishing and the mountains, and I would rather sit on the beach with a drink in my hand. We could not think anymore different when it comes to politics and love to challenge each other to a good debate. We are opposites in so many ways yet fit perfectly together. We take each other out of our comfort zones and are always willing to do what the other likes (I have grown to like camping!!!) and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Planner: Elegant Savannah Weddings

Florist: Kristian Designs

Cake: Publix

Caterer: Downtown Catering Company

DJ: Jamie with All About You Entertainment

Hair and Makeup: Royal Makeup and Hair

Officiant: Nicole Kelly

Invitations: Zola

Dress: Ivory And Beau boutique in Savannah, Maggie Sottero Designs

Tux: Mens Wearhouse and white dinner jacket borrowed from friend

Rentals: Amazing Event Rentals and Royal Restrooms

Ceremony Music: Noelle Bayer

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