Documentary wedding photographer: REAL moments


Feb 19, 2020

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I started life as a journalist, and I still work that way, capturing wedding days in a documentary, journalistic way.

Nothing makes me happier than capture REAL moments, moments my bride and groom will treasure for a lifetime. Moments they may not have actually seen on their wedding day.

The mother/son dance always, always gets me.

I used to think it would be all sadness when my boys marry. Leaving me. Starting a new life. Someone else first in their lives.

But as they’ve grown up and brought home girls, I’ve started to see it differently. I’ve seen my older son happy. Not that he’s getting married any time soon, but I am so happy seeing him happy.

So now I understand a bit about mother/son dances on wedding days. They are a mix. Of joy. For all that’s been and all that’s to come. And a touch of sadness. That the little boy whose tears we kissed away now kisses away ours.

I love capturing these poignant moments, knowing they will be treasured.

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