Mackey House Wedding: Perfect wedding dress


Feb 23, 2020

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Okay, I admit it. A very few times in the past, I’ve said that the bride’s dress was my favorite. But y’all. THIS time, I meant it with my whole entire heart.

I thought this gown was glorious when I first saw it, but when I saw Catherine in it, I was completely taken. It came to life. It was a frothy confection of everything beautiful and romantic.

And you know what? Her grandmother added those fluttery angel-wing sleeves. Absolutely glorious.

And Derek looked good, too, my dear. He did! He looked best when his eyes took in his dear Catherine.

(P.S. I send my couples a preview gallery within two days of the ceremony. These images are part of Catherine’s and Derek’s preview gallery, which I emailed to them while on their honeymoon in the Caribbean.)

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