Savannah engagement in Forsyth Park: Emily + Michael


Feb 11, 2020

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I arrived at Wormsloe Historic Site a bit early for an engagement shoot with Emily and Michael. And honey, it was like I-95 on the avenue of oaks. What in the world?

Super Museum Sunday! Once a year, Savannah throws open all the museums and historic sites in the area for a fun day with FREE admission. And honey, we do love all things free.

So Michael, Emily and I headed right on over to the prettiest little street in all of land, and then we drove into town and walked in and around Forsyth Park.

And even though here we are in HARD winter, the sun was shining and it was oh, in the 70s, I think. Such a great time with these two!

And I had to try EXTRA hard not to steal her ring. Extra.

PS Emily was one of my son Will’s favorite teachers. And honey, she is smart. She knows boys will work for food, especially candy, so there were treats involved for working math problems on the board.

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