Mackey House Wedding: Savannah wedding photos


Feb 11, 2020

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I got to capture the most gorgeous SUNNY winter wedding at The Mackey House.

As I was packing up my equipment Saturday morning, my husband sweetly said, “I’m sorry you have to work today.”

“NO, honey.” (I call everybody honey, but he’s my legit honey.)I explained to him how much I was looking forward to this day.

I’d done an engagement shoot and a bridal shoot so I knew this was going to be a FUN day. And OH how beautiful!

Now, I know I loaded up a LOT of images here for you to see. (I’m in my Savannah office, and we have REAL internet here as opposed to super slow stuff we get out where I live. Honey, sunshine arrives a day late out there.) So yes, I did. I loaded up a bunch. Because clearly you’re just clicking around for eye candy on the Internet, and honey, you found it!

Scroll away, and see if you think Morgan and Justin had a good time on their wedding day. Because they certainly did!

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