Savannah wedding / Kathleen + Byron


Feb 24, 2019

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Are you planning a wedding in Savannah?

Ah, yesterday’s wedding was another dream. Hosted at a private estate in Savannah. A wedding party filled with fun-loving friends. And Byron and Kathleen, who’ve been in love since they were teenagers.

The weather was picture-perfect. Overcast but not a drop of rain. Cool but not cold. And they served fried chicken. (I’m a vegetarian unless someone is serving fried chicken, honey.) And I could smell the sweet perfection of the wedding cake as I photographed it. ALL my favorite things.

Here are some of the portraits I sent them this morning in their next-day gallery.

Lead Savannah Wedding Photographer: Esther Griffin of Esther Griffin Photography

Venue: Grove Point Plantation

Planner: Angela Mills


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