Anna: High School Senior Beach Session


Aug 24, 2023

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I was so excited when Anna and her mom contacted me about capturing Anna’s senior photos. I used to shoot more senior photos when my own children were in high school. And I loved it! I love teenagers. My own three children are close in age – my oldest, Luke, is two years older than twins Will and Emma. So when they were all in high school, it felt like we had herds of wild beasts tearing through our house at all times, slowing only to raid the pantry and refrigerator.

Did I complain and cry about it? Yes, I did. But did I really love it? Yes, yes, I did. And now they’re all in college – and apparently are trying to stay in college for as long as possible – so what a JOY to get to hang out with Anna.

I don’t need to tell you she’s beautiful. And her hair is wild and wonderful and her eyes will melt you down to the ground. But she is smart and driven, thinking about colleges and majors and all the possibilities of life. When you’re Anna’s age, the whole world is wide open to you and you must begin to start choosing your unique path.

I tried to make my son, Will, come with me to this shoot to haul my bags and hold my stuff and make sure it doesn’t get swept away in the ocean. (Thankfully, Anna’s parents did all those things!) It was a few nights before Will went back to college in Knoxville and he claimed he had to pack.

After getting home, I was looking at the images and Will – NOT packing – strolled by and saw Anna on my screen. Was Will questioning his choices? Yes, yes he was.

All this to say, capturing seniors, documenting this moment when they are at such a pivotal moment in their lives is truly beautiful. SO thankful to have gotten to work with Anna!

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