Erin + Ryan: Historic District Engagement


Jul 22, 2023

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I met Erin and Ryan right in front of Savannah’s City Hall to start their engagement session. It was evening, but still hot and humid. So we did the smart thing. We dipped into a little cocktail bar and had pretty drinks and chatted all things weddings. Honey, their fun moms were along, we had some good laughs. I tried to make Erin and Ryan get all close and cuddly while me and their mamas sat right across the table, me taking photos.

Then we headed out to the love locks bridge, like the one in Paris, only ours is prettier. Then Erin and Ryan did a quick change of clothes, and their mamas drove us to The Plant Riverside district. We found a quiet rooftop and even a quiet part of River Street to watch the sun sink below the horizon.

Honey, we barely broke a sweat. New rule. Every engagement shoot starts with drinks.

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