Victoria + Thomas: Tybee Island Engagement


Jun 17, 2022

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I arrived on Tybee Island, Savannah’s beach community, a bit early. Enjoyed a walk and then I sat on the boardwalk and chatted with a friend, who happened to be officiating an elopement on the beach.

Dark clouds were gathering. The elopement started and ended quickly. Swimmers and sun bathers gathered their towels ran for the parking lot. I repeatedly checked my weather app. The storm was coming as fast as the beach was clearing.

Victoria and Thomas arrived, and we agreed to make the best of it. And BEHOLD! We had the whole tip of the island to ourselves. And it was GLORIOUS!

The wind. The clouds. The end of the earth: beautiful, pristine and clear for as far as the eye could see. And this GORGEOUS couple. A complete dream.

When I sent over the gallery, Victoria sent back this sweet note: “We just wanted to send a thank you for our engagement album! We had several laughs remembering the fun evening looking through it, and are so glad you captured so many tender moments that feel distinctly ‘us’.” 

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