Brook + Brandon: Wedding Portraits


Jun 23, 2021

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Brook and Brandon were already married, but they had dreamed of wedding portraits in Savannah.

We first talked about shooting at Tybee Island. However, the rain was threatening, and we felt we’d have a better chance of shooting downtown where they were staying and where my office is located. We thought we could check the skies and get out quickly and shoot when the weather cleared.

The reason we could be so flexible is because Brook was able to do her own hair and makeup. Like a pro, honey. SO fabulous!

We pushed off one evening because the forecast called for severe showers. And it didn’t rain a drop. The next evening looked better, so we decided to shoot. And look at these images. GLORIOUS! And I keep joking with them that I was SO glad that they paid to reserve ALL of downtown for the shoot, because do you see another person in Forsyth Park, the crown jewel of the historic district? No, and this was in what has been the busiest summer with the largest crowds of tourists I’ve ever seen.

With not another person in sight, I was able to get some wonderful wide shots of some of the district’s prettiest spots. Honey, I was in heaven!

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