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Nov 27, 2018

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So you kicked off the wedding planning. You’ve set a date. You’ve secured a venue. What’s next?

A few extremely important steps. Before you lock in a ceremony time, pause to consider this. Do you want gorgeous outdoor portraits with your wedding party, family and brand spanking new spouse AFTER the ceremony?

Many couples come to Savannah to get married because it’s such a beautiful backdrop. From the beach to the historic district, from historic architecture to avenues of centuries-old oaks, you will want photos that show off this city. And no surprise here, but you can’t capture the beauty after dark. So here’s the big tip:

Work with your photographer to develop a timeline for the day.

The timeline is one of the first things I work on with my couples. It needs to happen EARLY in the process because other vendors will start working their plan around it.

Here’s what I will do.

  1. Check to see what time the sun is setting on your wedding date.
  2. Determine whether you’re doing a first look. (That’s when the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony, which allows you to do MANY of your portraits BEFORE the ceremony.)
  3. Determine how long we’ll need to do your after-ceremony portraits. We’ll take into account how large your wedding party is, how many family photos you need, whether you want to take photos in more than one locations, etc.

THEN we can set a ceremony time that will ensure you get all the photos you want! And the rest of the timeline can be created and shared with other vendors.

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