We are SO awkward in photos…


Nov 26, 2018

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Ali and Johnny said it. And most couples do. And it never gives me a moment’s pause.

“We are SO awkward in photos.”

I don’t think for a moment that these couples are awkward with each other. At least not when there’s no camera around. So no worries at all. My job is to help them to relax, forget about me and just enjoy each other.

And look at their photos. Do Ali and Johnny look the least bit nervous or uncomfortable? Nope! Awkward? NOPE!

If I’m shooting your engagement session, your wedding, your anniversary, or a weekend-away couple’s shoot, I’m not going to point my camera at you and expect you to do something. No, honey, no. Being a successful photographer means showing up with more than just a camera. I bring my energy and my joy. And my ability to connect and be intuitive.

I’m going to talk with you, listen to you, laugh with you, ask you to do things that will make you connect with each other in a real, genuine way.

Maybe you’re a quiet couple. Maybe you’re loud and boisterous. Maybe you’re super affectionate and physical. Maybe your strong connection comes in the way you look at each other.

My goal isn’t to lead you through a set of poses. My goal is to capture who you are as a couple in a real, authentic way.

Trust me. You’ll be great. You’ll have fun. And together, we’ll make gorgeous images that you will treasure for a lifetime!

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