Alexis + Ian: Savannah Wedding


Jan 8, 2021

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It rained on Alexis and Ian’s wedding day. All day. We got a few VERY quick breaks, but it was still overcast and wet.

I texted the couple a few days before the wedding. We were all watching the weather. We all saw it coming. I told them not to fret. (Honey, they aren’t the fretting kind, anyway!)

Like for all couples, I told them if it rained, we would do wedding portraits on a sunny day in the future. No charge, of course. I want my couples to have gorgeous portraits. And it is SO fun to get to shoot portraits on a day with absolutely no wedding stress or schedule.

Well, Alexis and Ian are both high-level healthcare providers. They would be returning to their jobs in another state within days of the wedding, and their schedule wouldn’t have breaks with COVID cases soaring.

So the Monday morning after their Saturday wedding, these two rose early before hitting the road for home. They dressed in their gorgeous wedding attire. Alexis brought her bouquet, which she’d cared for carefully and it was still fresh. And we were able to create the most beautiful sun-drenched images to commemorate their wedding weekend.

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