Savannah Historic District Engagement: Sarah + Don


Apr 19, 2020

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Who doesn’t love a good proposal story? And honey, Sarah and Don’s has a heart-stopping twist.

But let’s start at the beginning.

How they met:

“We met online! Our first date lasted 10 hours! We started on River Street in Savannah for brunch, then we went to an Irish pub, then a museum, then a movie, then dinner! We had such a good time together that we didn’t want the date to end! He was a perfect gentleman and didn’t kiss me until the third date! I thought i was in the friend zone!”

First impressions:

Sarah: “He is a gentleman! One of the few that still pulls your chair out, opens your door, etc. Great sense of humor and not too bad to look at either!”

Don: “She is the smartest, kindest person I have met. She understands my weird history and still is with me!”

When and how did you know this was IT:

Sarah: “I knew we had something on our first trip together. I was on a business trip in New York, and I texted him that I missed him… He said ‘Okay, I’ll be on the next flight out,’ and met me in the city! That night we had dinner at the cutest restaurant in the meat packing district! The food was fabulous, and the company even better! After dinner he told me he loved me for the first time! It was perfect! I knew I had found my future husband at that moment!”

Don:  “Watching TV on her couch. She fell asleep in my arms, and I felt something I couldn’t describe. I knew then.”

The proposal:

“Funny story. My grandmother decided I would get her wedding ring when she passed. My mom was holding onto it. Well my car broke down so I was driving Don’s car while we took our time shopping for a new car.

“One day I cleaned his car out on a slow day at work and threw everything away in the dumpster. Best girlfriend award, am I right?! Well, the next day we are sitting down with a car salesman when Don has an ‘oh sh*t!’ moment. “Sarah! When you cleaned out my car did you throw away a white cigar tube?” I actually did, and when I threw it away, I thought to myself, ‘Why would he want to keep this? He will never know of I throw it away!’ Turns out my grandmother’s wedding ring was in a white cigar tube!

“My mom gave it to him a few weeks before when he asked my dad for permission to marry me! We start freaking out and leave the car dealership to go back to my work, an hour away, to dig through the dumpster! As we are driving I tell him to look everywhere and double check that its not in the car! Turns out he had TWO white cigar tubes in his car, and the one with my grandmother’s ring was still in the car! That’s how I found out he was going to propose!

“I knew the proposal was coming. I just didn’t know how! He made me sweat for months and months as he waited for his moment! What seamed like a century later we were back in Savannah on a trip we had planned with some friends. We were about to head out for dinner when Don started playing our song “Tennessee Whisky” on the guitar! He doesn’t know how to play the guitar?!! Turns out that during all of those grueling months of waiting his friend taught him how to play our song on the guitar! It was so sweet! Once he stopped playing he got down in one knee and asked me to marry him! Sweetest thing ever!”

For their engagement photos, Sarah and Don wanted images that captured the beauty of Savannah. I love the architecture of the north end of our historic district. And it was such fun to capture Sarah and Don on a perfect spring day in the prettiest little city in America.


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