Open Air Chapel Wedding: Luci + Chris


Jan 21, 2020

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When I hit the dirt roads, I knew I was in a good place, honey.

Some of the very best places in the South are hidden away, tucked deep in the woods. And when I drove over to Tifton early Saturday morning, as soon as I hit the dirt roads, I had a feeling it was going to be good.

I arrived at The Peach Barn to more activity than I think I’ve ever seen on a wedding day. Such a buzz of activity and excitement!

It was a perfect day. Gorgeous weather. Gorgeous flowers. Gorgeous ladies and honey, groomsmen who were both quite helpful – I’ll hang that dress for you – and hilarious, which automatically made them my favorite.

And y’all, it ended with cakes of every kind. And yes, I did my job and sampled them all. Well, mostly all. Okay, I didn’t hit 100 percent, but I’ll do better next time, I promise.

Chris and Luci are the most loving couple, and it was such an honor – and such a JOY – to be with them on such a gorgeous day!

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